req ride XNA 10-3

Discussion in 'Travel' started by ClaireRT, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. ClaireRT

    ClaireRT New Member

    Arriving XNA Oct 3 at 1:54 pm. Hope to share a shuttle or arrange a ride with others arriving that day.
  2. Ellie Schwartz

    Ellie Schwartz New Member

    Hello Ani Sangye! (Claire)
    arriving XNA at 1:55 PM on 10/3, on United Air flight . Will trust Universe to manifest transportation to KR for us. Ellie Schwartz
  3. ClaireRT

    ClaireRT New Member

    We have a ride with Ani Drolma Oct 3 and could handle 1 more to share the cost. Might be a little tight but good time to practice!.